"Microfilm Scanner with 14 Megapixel, USB 3.0 camera for 16mm & 35mm rollfilm, microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16mm cassettes"

ST ViewScan III

The technological development of more than ten years in the digital microfilm scanning area has now produced a true 14-megapixel full color image sensor for pin sharp and clear images from your microfilm archive. That's not all. Librarians can use interlibrary loan system from ST Imaging Premium-Software. The ST-ViewScan III transforms your microfilm archive into a dynamic, user-friendly resource archive.

True 14 megapixel camera

The ST-Viewscan III uses a camera specifically designed for the ST-Viewscan, a true 14-megapixel color image sensor.

The scanner is available in two configurations, microfiche and aperture cards only and for all options automated transport and scanning, the roll film 16mm /35mm, microfiche and aperture cards.

14 megapixel color image sensor with USB 3.0

Film Types: Microfiche, Jackets, Apeture Cards, 16mm&35mm Roll Film, 16mm Film Cartridges (optional).

Zoom Faktoren: 7.5x, 7x-7.5x, 9x-16x, 13x-27x, 20x-50x

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