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Simply the Best Flatbed Scanner in the World! (1270 x 915 mm A0+)

The VersaScan 3650 is an A0+ (E-size 36″ x 50″) flatbed scanner for large, fragile single sheet documents, such as newspapers, photographs, maps, architectural drawings and any other documents that cannot be scanned with a sheet fed system. The VersaScan 3650 has a newly designed roll-away mount, making it is easy to move the scanner around regardless of its size. Alternatively the VersaScan 3650 is available with motorized height adjustment to operate the device in different positions; seated, standing, or simply to accommodate users of a different height.

Total Convenience
Operating the VersaScan 3650 is as easy as operating a standard photo copier. Place the document, and you are ready to engage the scan. Alternatively, the scanner can be operated via a foot switch pedal.

Operation Independent from Ambient Light
The VersaScan 3650 utilizes a special LED light illumination panel completely free of any ultraviolet or infrared radiation, this guarantees harmless and uniform illumination on every scan. Ambient light is far more harmful to the original than the illumination panel inside of the VersaScan 3650. Location of the scanner is not restricted, bright sunlight or intense flourescent ceiling lighting does not interfere in the scanning process. Like all SMA products, the VersaScan 3650 large format scanners do not utilize an external operational light source, thus NO negative impact to the vision of the operator.

Fastest Scanning Speeds
The VersaScan 3650 was designed for applications where speed is critical. With a scan speed of 12 seconds (A0+ (E-size 36″ x 50″), 300 dpi) it is the fastest scanner in the world. Scan speed and interface technology (gigabit network) offer the highest possible productivity. The capability of scanning bi-directionally cuts the mechanical impact in half and increases the output significantly.

Quality Made in Germany
The VersaScan 3650 is equipped with a unique scan engine. It provides high quality images based on state of the art technology. Bi-tonal, grey scale or color images can be produced with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi. The VersaScan 3650 scans with a geometrical accuracy of 0.1%. This fact makes the product ideal for usage in the GIS, cartography and in any land survey environment.

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