Performance: Low < 35 ppm
Formate: VK | A6 | A5 | A4

PaperAir Your personal "PaperGPS" - the PaperAir series offers an easy to use and turnkey system.
This turnkey system allows the user to store and search by one-button operation.
The functions include "Store" and Search: both functions are controlled via the one-button operation.
Find my documents quickly!

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Search and find all your documents directly with PaperAirManager. No more searching in folders or stacks of paper - PaperAir Manager is easy and intuitive to use.
Simple installation
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Installation is child's play. Just follow the instructions step by step.
Simple scan
Scan all your documents with PaperAir Manager using the simple scan mask. You don't need any previous knowledge or complicated settings, because PaperAir does all the optimizations for you, so that you get a perfect scan result afterwards.
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Simple Search
Search by content, keyword, file name or time. The result is displayed within seconds. Now you can simply look at it, print it out or send it comfortably by mail.
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