Performance: Low < 35 ppm
Formate: A3
Expression 12000XL Pro
DIN A3-Scanner for Filme & Graphics

High-quality DIN A3 scanner for films and graphics with sharp and precise capture of plans, radiographs, film and photo negatives - as exactly as you need it.

Sharp and precise image reproduction

Dank der innovativen Scantechnologie des Expression 12000XL Pro erzielen You get a very high quality image reproduction up to DIN A3 format. The Epson scan software is user-friendly and is operated in automatic or professional mode, so that you can optimise your scan results.

The optical density of 3.8 DMax and 48-bit color depth of Expression 12000XL Pro ensure sharp and accurate scans for full reproduction of a wide range of colors, even in darker areas. In addition, the high resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi and ultra-precise Micro Step Drive technology lets you capture even the smallest detail with maximum sharpness. Epson Flatbed Scanner A3

Sharpening and editing scans

The comprehensive included software package and the imaging technology of Expression 12000XL Pro ensure the efficient processing of many scan jobs. Epson Scan is equipped with useful functions for dust removal and grain reduction to improve the quality of the scan results. SilverFast Ai 8.8 image processing functions help to achieve a perfect image reproduction.

Scan a variety of media, including film negatives

The integrated transparency unit makes it possible to scan transparent documents such as positive or negative films and slides - with impressive results in professional quality.

  • DIN A3-Graphic scanner

Professional results up to DIN A3 format

  • Excellent quality

Resolution of 2,400 x 4,800 dpi

  • High precision

Micro Step Drive technology

  • Powerful software

Silverfast Ai 8.8

  • Integrated transmitted light unit

Transparency unit for the scanning of films and slides

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