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Bookeye® 5 V1A-C35/C50

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Bookeye® 5 V1A-C35/C50: The book scanner with motorized glass plate for widths up to 35 or 50 inches

Book scanner generation 5: Bigger, better, Image Access

Bookeye® 5 V1A-C35/C50 is the professional solution for demanding digitization projects that require high-quality images at maximum productivity rates while eliminating strenuous, repetitive tasks required of an operator to get the job done.

The "biggest brother" of the book scanner family scans originals up to A1 in size at high speeds, with the unique book cradle for books up to 50 cm thick. The motor-driven glass plate operates three modes: fixed glass plate, without glass plate, and with an automatic mode.

Fully automatic operation, sensor-controlled pressure



In Auto Mode, the scanning process is fully automatic. Sensors in the book cradle plates control the pressure. The book cradle plates are motor driven and deal with a book thickness of up to 35 cm or 50 cm. Upgrade from 35 cm to 50 cm lifting height via a software key.

Software solutions for current and future digitization projects











Together with software packages such as Batch Scan Wizard, BCS-2® or Goobi UCC, even the toughest requirements of a digitization project can be met perfectly.

Image Access has powerful software packages in its portfolio for Bookeye® 5 V1A-C35/C50 which enable optimal capture for large projects.


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