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Image Capture Mobile allows you to import data scan from the scanner without a PC directly into a smartphone or tablet and view it.
In addition, by transferring the scan data to the corresponding application, you can make various uses such as mail, cloud, print.

  • Automatic Crop
  • Automatic Binary / Color Distinction
  • Blank Page Removal
  • Detect Double Feed
  • Deskew
  • Continuous scan
  • Page Edit (Rotate / Delete)
  • Image File Format (Jpeg / PDF)
  • Export (Storage / App / Email)
Operation Guide:

Compatible Models:

Network Scanner

KV-S1037X *
KV-S1058Y / KV-S1028Y / KV-S1057C MK2 / KV-S1027C MK2 *
KV-N1058X / KV-N1028X / KV-N1058Y / KV-N1028Y

* Older firmware versions must be updated to the newest version.
For details on supported scanners and firmware updates, please refer to the following.

Supported OS:
iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later

Download (Free of charge):

Please download the iOS version from the App Store
and the Android version from Google Play.

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